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As the General Plan Update project moves forward, associated documents will be posted for public information and review.

Housing Element

The Housing Element establishes a strategy to address the City of Eureka’s identified housing needs and quantified objectives. The Housing Element is required by state law to be updated every eight years and to be certified by the State Housing and Community Development Department (HCD), necessitating a different review process than the remainder of the General Plan.

The City of Eureka 2014-2019 Housing Element was adopted by the Eureka City Council on June 17, 2014.

Adopted Housing Element

Draft Housing Element

Draft Housing Element REDLINED

Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration

Community Background Report

The Community Background Report profiles Eureka’s existing conditions, projected trends, and regulatory framework. It serves as a baseline for the General Plan Update, the setting for the Environmental Impact Report, and a general information resource for the community. Please see below for Community Background Report related documents.

Community Background Report

Key Issues and Community Objectives

The Key Issues and Objectives summarizes input received from the community on the topics to be addressed and objectives to be pursued through the General Plan update. Please see below for Key Issues and Community Objectives related documents.

Issues and Objectives Report

Policy Papers

The Policy Papers provide a more detailed discussion of the issues of highest priority to the community, further defining the issues, implications, alternatives and preferred solutions. The Policy Papers address Economic Development Opportunities, Annexation Feasibility, Local Coastal Program and General Plan Integration, Homelessness, Mobility, Climate Change and Adaptation, Coastal Gulches and Resources, and Fiscal Sustainability and Financing Tools. Please see below for Policy Paper related documents.

Homeless Policy Paper

Mobility Policy Paper

Annexation Policy Paper

Local Coastal Program Policy Paper

Economic Development Policy Paper

Alternatives Analysis

The Alternatives Analysis includes the identification and analysis of various land use and policy alternatives to address key issues and achieve the community’s objectives. Evaluation criteria are identified, and the alternatives comparatively analyzed based upon that criteria. Please see below for Alternatives Analysis related documents.

No documents are available at this time.

Preferred Land Use Plan and Policy Strategies

The Preferred Land Use Plan and Policy Strategies reflect direction received from the community and decision makers through the Policy Papers and Alternatives Analysis. They provide the overall guidance to be reflected in the General Plan Update. Please see below for Preferred Land Use Plan and Policy Strategies related documents.

City of Eureka Preferred Land Use Plan

Preferred Land Use Plan Interactive Viewer

No other documents are available at this time.

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement reflects Eureka’s common values, needs, and aspirations for the future. The Vision Statement is framed by the focused community input and values expressed through the resolution of issues and informed selection of the Preferred Land Use Plan and Policy Strategies. Please see below for Vision Statement related documents.

No documents are available at this time.

General Plan

The General Plan contains the goals, policies and implementation programs to guide Eureka’s growth,
revitalization and conservation through the year 2040. Elements incorporated include Land Use and Community Design, Housing (see above), Economic Development, Mobility, Public Facilities and Services, Recreational and Cultural Resources, Historic Preservation, Natural Resources, Health and Safety, and Administrations and Implementation. Please see below for General Plan related documents.

Draft General Plan Goals and Policies
Version 1

Arts and Culture

Community Services


Land Use



Version 2 (as of April 7, 2017)
Arts and Culture

Community Services



Land Use



Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan

The Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan provides a land use plan, policies and programs for those portions of the City within the Coastal Zone to ensure compliance with the requirements of the California Coastal Act. Topics addressed include Planning and Locating Development, Public Access and Recreation, Marine and Land Resources, Hazards and Shoreline Development, Scenic and Visual
Resources, Agricultural Resources, and Public Works. Please see below for Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan related documents.

Final Sea Level Rise: Assets Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

Final Adaptation Plan

Final Adaptation Plan Addendum #1

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Plan, which will be included as part of the EIR analysis, will include greenhouse gas emission reduction measures to be implemented by the City.  These measures will be a combination of existing State, RCEA, and City programs, as well as mitigation measures required as part of the EIR.  Quantification of the GHG reduction from the required measures will be calculated and compared to baseline conditions and business as usual conditions.

No documents are available at this time.

Consistency Matrix

The Consistency Matrix reviews the updated General Plan and Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan for consistency with the City’s existing Zoning Code and Local Coastal Program Implementation Plan. Please see below for Consistency Matrix related documents.

No documents are available at this time.

Environmental Impact Report

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) provides a program level analysis of potential adverse impacts from implementation of the General Plan and related documents consistent with the California Environmental Quality Act. The EIR identifies actions that will be undertaken to reduce or avoid significant impacts where feasible, and evaluates the comparative impacts of a range of alternatives. Please see below for EIR related documents.

Coming soon - NOA and Draft EIR will be available on May 28, 2018.

Other Studies and Documents

Please see below for miscellaneous studies and other information related to the General Plan Update.

FINAL Sea Level Rise: Assets Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

Updated 05-10-18