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This is your guide and informational source for the City of Eureka’s 2040 General Plan Update process.


******************************NEW UPDATE**********************************

Environmental Impact Report

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) provides a program level analysis of potential adverse impacts from implementation of the General Plan and related documents consistent with the California Environmental Quality Act. The EIR identifies actions that will be undertaken to reduce or avoid significant impacts where feasible, and evaluates the comparative impacts of a range of alternatives. Please see below for EIR related documents.

Notice of Availability

Draft EIR

Draft GPU

Draft EIR Public Comment Period May 28, 2018 through July 13, 2018.

Email comments to: generalplanupdate@ci.eureka.ca.gov

Deliver or mail to: City of Eureka Development Services Department, Attn: General Plan Update, 531 K Street, Eureka CA 95501


As required by State law, the updated General Plan will take a comprehensive, longā€term view to direct future land use, resource and other decisions in the City over the next 25 years. The process of updating the General Plan includes a number of events that seek the participation of you, your neighbors, businesses, and property owners. This process is structured to lead the General Plan from vision, to creation, to adoption, to implementation by the community.

The current General Plan for the City of Eureka was adopted in February 1997 and has not been comprehensively updated since its adoption. Some of the data, analyses, and policies in the 1997 plan do not fully reflect the current conditions or objectives of the City. As a result, an update of the General Plan is necessary to reflect the community’s current vision for accommodating future growth and providing services within Eureka through 2040.

If you would like more information on the General Plan Update process, please visit the various links on the left side of this page.